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Oral Surgery FAQ

Post-procedure questions:

I did not have pain and throbbing until Sunday night.  Is it normal to not have pain for about 54 hours after?  In your experience, what is the estimated time when pain subsides?

Every patient reacts differently. In some cases, the third day might the most uncomfortable for the patient as the healing progress will depend on the wound size and the type of surgical procedure. Patients who got their lower wisdom teeth extracted, for example, will experience the most swelling and pain due to the complexity of the procedure. In other cases, factors like age, medical condition, personal habits and/or pathology connected with the tooth, like infections will play a role on the healing phase. However, if pain continues after a few days or increases, it might be a dry socket, which needs attention.

How long until I can ‘swoosh’ around in my mouth?

It is safe to rinse or “swoosh” around in your mouth 24 hours after surgical procedure. However, rinsing forcefully is not recommended as we want you to avoid the risk of dislodging the clot that forms in the socket.

How long until I can use mouthwash with and without alcohol (e.g. Listerine)?

72 hours is  a safe time frame to do so, but because it is always a “case by case” thing. We would ask you to avoid these type of products just to prevent as it can retard the healing process.

 Until then, what is the recommended mouth cleansing solution?

 Warm water and salt. 1 teaspoon of salt per 8oz of water.

How long does the horrible taste and smell of my breath last?

Bad breath is not a good sign. We would like to get you in for a post-op check if you are still experiencing this symptom after 72 hours.

How long until I can use a straw?

72 hours after extractions is a safe time frame to do so.


Implant and Invisalign:

Is there a language difference between saying ‘implant’ and the tooth being replaced?  In other words, when you say the implant will be inserted in about 3 months, is that the ‘place holder’ which goes into the jaw bone, or is it the place holder and the new tooth?

The first phase of an implant is in fact, the placement of the metal screw that goes into the bone and acts as the anchor of the whole prosthetic appliance. Before we can proceed with that, of course a Bone Graft is needed to prepare implant site. Right after Bone Graft is done, depending on the patient, it might take from 3 to 6 months before healing phase is complete and ready for implant body placement. After the implant body has been placed, there will be another 4-6 months waiting period before the patient is ready for the next stage of procedure which would be the temporary crown.  During this phase, the provider will determine whether tissue has properly healed before the temporary crown can be removed and patient can move on to next stage. The patient may wear the temporary crown up to six weeks before implant site is ready for final placement of permanent crown.

The permanent crown is the natural tooth looking part that will either be screwed into the abutment or cemented in place.

For your convenience, here is a link where you can watch educational videos related to implant placement procedures and also have access to more detailed information:

Will they go in during the same visit, or will the molar go in way before the ‘flipper’?

The flipper can be placed right after the extractions if it was ordered ahead of time and it could always be worn during the day, even when eating as its purpose is to fill in the space where the extraction/s took place. This is only to be considered as a temporary option before patient is ready for implant or any other option offered to patient, depending on each case. The flipper needs to be removed during the night before going to sleep to prevent pressure on the gum area while sleeping.

Without the two teeth, how will Invisalign work?

Orthodontic treatment will allow space to close up if needed when the patient’s bite is eligible for it and if from a cosmetic stand point, it does not affect the bite and the overall look that the patient is trying to achieve. In your case Steven, because you did not have enough space for an implant, Invisalign will also help to add up space to prepare the site/s for an implant. The Orthodontist, on the other hand, would have to evaluate your jaw structure and your bite to determine the route of your treatment going forward.

Will there be a long duration for one or both teeth for a long period (e.g. the 18-months of wearing it)?

The Orthodontist will determine the period.

Without the two teeth, will the Invisalign pieces have something that fills the gaps, or will it be open?

It depends on what route you want to go with as far as treatment goes. The advantage of Invisalign is that there is always the possibility to add a pontic to fill the gaps, depending on the case, but because you will be removing you Invisalign when eating, then,  if going forward with Invisalign Treatment, a flipper will no longer be an option.

If a long duration, will I be chewing on my right side for 18 months, due to the missing lower left molar?  Or, will that implant be placed soon?  If so, is that a problem?

No. there is no need to be chewing on one side only due to a missing left molar. Once the healing phase is complete after extractions, you are more than “ok” to start chewing as normal. If you decided to go forward with an implant placement, then, we would recommend being more careful on the implant site when chewing to allow bone and tissue to properly heal before all stages are completed.


Cleaning prior to new teeth

When should I schedule a cleaning through you?

If it has been more than 6 months since your last dental cleaning then, it is time to schedule one. You can schedule a cleaning in our office or if you do have a dentist of your preference, you are also more than welcome to continue your Oral Hygiene with your former dentist.


Future pricing estimates

What is the cost/estimate for Invisalign?

The estimated cost of Invisalign is $4,895.00 all included.

Is it a one-time cost, or a cost for the Invisalign and then a separate cost for each visit?

It is a one- time cost, but do we offer monthly payment plans for our patients.

 What is the cost/estimate for the implants and two teeth?

Here is a breakdown of our fees regarding implants. For your convenience, we have included the costs of all phases for you to internalize the whole process phase by phase:

  • Implant body: $2,182.00
  • Anterior Lab Fee: $400.00/ Posterior Lab Fee: $200.00
  • Zirconia Lab Fee: $500.00 (The Zirconia implant is the most expensive one, as it is the strongest most durable option)
  • Ceramic Implant Crown: $1,244.00

Am I correct that EDS will provide a discount for both items?  I thought that is what I was told in the office, but it was after the procedure.

EDS will provide you with a discount for both items as Dr. Kurtis Kacer and Dr. Caroline Kacer, they both participate with the EDS program. Our General Dentist, on the other hand, does not participate with EDS.

Is Invisalign an 18-month process?

Not necessarily. It always depends on the treatment and how much progress the patient is showing.

Will I need Invisalign for upper and lower?

Yes. Orthodontist treatment will affect your bite as your making progress, therefore, Invisalign is an “all in” treatment for both arches.


EDS insurance

The EDS website shows a 25% discount, but was given 20%.  Did the discount recently change, or was there a billing error?

With EDS, the member has up to 25% discount depending on the provider. With Dr. Caroline Kacer, it is a 20% discount. However, we will double check your invoice for billing errors just to make sure. If there was a billing error, we would correct it for you.


Patients Love Us!

The staff is fantastic, friendly, and always so helpful! We have always had great experiences! -Theresa

Very friendly staff. They make the process very easy. -Jeanne

My whole treatment plan was explained in great detail, and the results have not disappointed. Thank you so much. -Martin