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COVID 19 - Coronavirus Update

Surgery Instructions

Each surgery is different, but the general guidelines below are to be followed by patients when applicable. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office.


  • The patient will need someone to bring them to the appointment and stay with them for the remainder of the day.
  • No consumption of food or liquids (including WATER) EIGHT (8) hours prior to appointment time. (EXCEPT: morning medications if instructed by Doctor with a sip of water)
  • Brush your teeth, spit out all the water.
  • Wear short sleeves- (You may wear a jacket or sweatshirt during cold weather over your short sleeves.
  • Footwear: closed support shoes (i.e tennis shoes). No slip on shoes, flip flops or boots.
  • Contacts- wear them only if you routinely sleep with them.
  • If applying LMX cream, do this 1-hour prior to appointment time.


(Detailed Instructions will be given the day of the procedure)

  • Change gauze every 30 mins as needed. If bleeding continues a moistened tea bag (regular type, i.e Lipton) can be used in place of gauze.
  • Day 1- Suggested foods: Soft cold diet to include: yogurt, pudding, applesauce, protein drinks, milkshakes, etc.
  • No carbonated drinks or soda and straws for 3 days.
  • Day 2-5 Suggested foods: Modified solid diet such as pancakes, eggs, macaroni & cheese, beans, mashed potatoes, chicken or tuna salad, pasta, and soups.
  • FOODS TO AVOID: pizza, chips, bagels, rice, (crunchy, chewy foods) for about one week.
  • Ice packs will be needed for the first 24 hours. A couple of bags of frozen peas or corn work well.
  • Monojet syringe (if given to the patient) is to be used AFTER DAY 3.

Download additional post-op instructions here.

Patients Love Us!

The staff is fantastic, friendly, and always so helpful! We have always had great experiences! -Theresa

Very friendly staff. They make the process very easy. -Jeanne

My whole treatment plan was explained in great detail, and the results have not disappointed. Thank you so much. -Martin